Walking with Ancestors

Welcome to my family tree.

9 years ago, I started a 2-week free trial on Ancestry. That was the start of my genealogy journey. I was immediately hooked. As one ancestor revealed their secrets, I longed for more.

Now, 3 more twigs have been added to the tree, joining mine and my husband’s branches together forever.

Over the course of 9 years I have developed interests in particular surnames and plan to develop these when time allows.

My main interests include:

While I suspect the family originally came from the West Midlands, I haven’t got that far yet. My interest starts with Thomas Tranter.

I have two Evans lines in my tree. The ones from Wales and the ones from the Black Country. Both are a bit of a problem… but the Welsh ones are horrible to locate. Absolutely awful… and with son after son named Evan Evans I don’t think I ever stood much chance.

While I enjoy researching the Hazell line, the men were all mariners and disappeared and reappeared on each of the census returns. They all came from Wivenhoe, Essex but settled in other areas.

There are too many Jones lines in the tree for it to be a simple description. Most are Welsh though.

It is thought that the Bruce line originally began in Scotland (makes sense, doesn’t it?) but we have yet to prove this. The whole discovered line in my tree lived in Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Like Jones, there are several Lewis lines and they came from different parts of Wales, although mainly Monmouthshire.

The Davidson line has been incredibly interesting to research. The earliest mention I can find is the birth of James Sutherland, son of Margaret Sutherland. The father was a scoundrel and refused to admit he fathered a child. Margaret died when James was a toddler and James Sutherland became James Davidson, a tailor, a bigamist and a father of at least 20 children. Despite it all though, I rather like him.

The Comley’s originally came from Wiltshire but settled in Newport.

There are, of course, plenty more so please click on the Surnames Tab to find out about all of my surname interests.

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